The Argent Wardens

The Argent Wardens are an elite group of warrior-priests that pledge their lives in service to the goddess Allustria. The Argent Wardens adhere to a strict code of conduct and are known across the land as being exemplars of faith and purity. The Argent Wardens serve as emissaries and enforcers of Argentian law as well as proselytizers of the Allustrian faith. They are considered authorities of the faith of Allustria across the continent of Starfell, are considered the law in the Argentian Empire and respected emissaries and defenders of the people in other humanoid realms.

Membership in the Argent Wardens is a rare honor and it carries a great deal of prestige and power, but it also grants those lucky few with abilities not found elsewhere in the world. Many secret techniques are taught to prestigious members of the Order and the Argent Wardens are known to sometimes carry arms and armaments produced from the rare metal truesilver or, for the most esteemed and blessed members, the mythic mineral Mithral.

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