With Terainmaster, a ranger gets the benefits of the listed powers for a specific type of terrain, 1 type of terrain for each level of the power. Types of terrain include: desert, forest, hill, jungle, mountain, plain, swamp, tundra and underground.

Terrainmaster 1 - Direction Sense
Cost: 2 Mana
Wits + Survival + Terrainmaster

You instinctively know your way around the land, and can never be completely lost.

Terrainmaster 2 - Land's Bounty
Cost: 1 Mana/day
Wits + Survival + Terrainmaster
Duration: 1 day per success

This power lets you find adaquite food, water and shelter for yourself and your companions, even in climates that seem completely inhospitable.

Terrainmaster 3 - Dangersense
Cost: 2 Mana
Wits + Composure + Terrainmaster
Duration: Reflexive for danger

You are familiar with the natural dangers of your favored land, and as such know instinctively when you near one how best to avoid or mitigate it.

Terrainmaster 4 - Shortcut
Cost: 3 Mana/day
Wits + Survival + Terrainmaster

For each success you get, you can shorten the length of a journey accross your chosen terrain by 10%.

Terrainmaster 5 - Master of the Land
Cost: 3 Mana + 1 Willpower
Resolve + Survival + Terrainmaster
Duration: 1 Scene

Any rolls made in your favored terrain gain 1 bonus die per 2 successes.

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