Rogues can use Basic Weapons plus 2 of Crossbows, Light Blades or Slings & Darts. They can wear light armor.

The type of Soul Rogues have is called Guile.


Assassin - The Assassin uses deadly techniques to weaken and kill their enemies.

Bard - A Bard uses powers of persuasion and a mastery of magical song to inspire or decieve.

Thief - The Thief is a master of thievery, legerdemain, and dirty fighting.


All Rogues get the following basic technique:

Burst of Speed
Instant action
Cost: 1 Mana
Duration: Round
Dex + Athletics
For each success, increase your speed by 3 for the round. Also, your initiative increases by the same factor for this round.

In addition all Rogues can learn the disciplines of Concealment and Trapcraft.

Concealment - Rogues are masters of sneaking in the shadows and remaining hidden.

Trapcraft - The art of creating elaborate traps to foil your foes.

(Skill) Expertise O
Cost: 1 Mana per scene
You ignore all penalties to your next (skill) rolls up to 2x your soul, and gain 9 again.

(Skill) Superiority OO
Cost: 2 Mana per scene
You gain a bonus to all (skill) rolls equal to 2x your soul, and can attempt things with that skill most people would be unable to even try, such as running hot coals without being injured with athletics, hiding in plain sight with stealth and persuading a monster not to attack.

(Skill) Mastery OOO
Cost: 3 Mana per scene
You gain 8 again on all (skill) rolls and can perform normally impossible things with your skill, such as running across water, hiding from an army without cover in plain sight, talking your way into the royal treasury of the Argentean Empire and causing a rebellion against a formerly beloved (or feared) ruler.

** Note that for the 3 skill powers you must take them for each skill you wish to use them on.

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