Rangers are skilled hunters, trackers, trainers, and fighters.

Rangers can use any ranged weapon, and up to light melee weapons. Rangers can wear light armor.

Their Soul type is called Cunning.


Archer - The Archer is the master of the bow and can do many great things to their enemies with it.

Archers can use Basic Weapons plus Bows, Crossbows and Slings and Darts. Archers can wear Light and Medium Armor.

Beastmaster - A Beastmaster hunts and tracks with an animal companion.

Beastmasters can use Basic Weapons plus any 2 others. hey can wear light or medium armor.

Scout - The Scout is quick on their feet and is great at gathering information.

The Scout can use Basic Weapons plus any 2, and wear light armor.


All rangers get:

Cost: 1 Mana
Range: 50 Feet
Duration: Scene
Effect: The Ranger can mystically detect tracks and other evidence in the area. They can glean information about what has traveled nearby or evidence of a particular prey the ranger is tracking with it. The ranger makes a wits + survival roll adding their soul rating to the roll.

In addition, all rangers can learn specialized skills in tracking and hunting particular prey or in tracking or hunting in particular terrains.

Favored Enemy - The specialized art of tracking and hunting certain types of prey.

Terrainmaster - Represents the expertise of a ranger in certain types of environments.

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