Pyrestone Coast

The Pyrestone Coast is the common name given to the region on the southeastern coast of the continent of Starfell. The region is bordered on the north by the Xerilius Sodality and to the west by the Orcish Hordelands.The Pyrestone Coast gained it's name due to the pyrestone crystal that is commonly mined in the regions mountains and can also be found littering the face of coast cliffs, giving it a fiery glow.

Once the seat of the ancient human Sharnellian Empire, the region has lost much of its former grandeur and has become a loose confederation of city states, with the commonly accepted socio-economic center of the region established in the city of Rubinstel. The region is reknown for their skill in sailing and shipmaking and its economy is primarily based on trading with the Argentian Empire. One of it's chief exports is the pyrestone crystal the region is known for, as this crystal is known to have magical properties.

The region is also known for, unfortunately, piracy. The entire coastline is home to many groups of pirates who terrorize the coast and other coastal regions on the continent of Starfell. Primary amongst these groups is the large pirate collective known as the Bloodcrest Corsairs. The Corsairs have a vicious reputation and are known for targeting, in particular, ships laden with pyrestone crystal.

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