NPCs (Non-Player Characters)

These are some of the many notable people that can be found in the world.

Argentian Empire

Coronal Realms
Supreme Councilor Oren Corby - Leader of Daresford

Kingdom of Khargond

Orcish Hordelands
General Odis - Commander of Orcish forces near the Twin River

Pyrestone Confederacy
Parthos the Grand - Master Enchanter of Rubinet
High Wizard Jutherian - Master of the Rubinet Wizard Academy
Ivis Yutherie- Chief Conjurer of the Rubinet Wizard Academy

Qu'laris Combine
Uriella - Mistress of Enchantment of the Qu'laris Combine
Lerellian - Loremaster of the Qu'laris Combine


The Underdark
Damius - High Lord of the Drow (Dead)

Xerilius Sodality

Supernatural Beings
Qu'alis - The Demon of Despair
Utar - The Spirit of Fertility
Mordinchron - Frost Giant Titan who lives on Mount Paramus

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