Magic Items

Magic items are extremely rare in this world. They are usually items of legend, and are usually named.

Some famous magic items include:

The Tomes of Eternal Fire
The Tomes of Eternal Fire are nine books that each contain a piece of the essence of Cha'rux the lost fifth primordial. It is said that if the nine books are put together and used in a ritual, Cha'rux will arise once again. Each book grants an extreme amount of power to the mage chosen to wield them. The books were created by Xephenon, and are on occasion lent to wizards he chooses.

Macleary's Monocle
The wearer of this monocle has a supernatural awareness of the whereabouts of those around them. Macleary, the blind master of the Sharnellian Mage Academy, more than 800 years ago, crafted this monocle. He used it to compensate for his blindness, which was caused by a failed magical experiment. It is rumored to be lost in the ancient ruins of the Sharnellian Capital, buried deep underground.

Lapix' Failed Experiment
Lapix the Quiet, a monk who lived centuries ago in Skögulheim, believed he could use arcane forces to augment his martial arts. He crafted a set of gauntlets, and attempted to channel magic into them. He was unable to contain the power however, which lead to his accidentally channeling his soul into them too. He succeeded in creating powerful magic gauntlets, but his soul was eternally trapped in them as well. The gauntlets grant the wearer incredible martial power, as well as a headache from having to listen constantly to Lapix the Quiet. Monks can wear these gauntlets.

Arcanis' Deck of Fate
Arcanis, the Atropian Theurge was one of the Sharnellian Mage Academy's most notable graduates. He was said to be a master of the little understood magical study of fate, and was a self-proclaimed "Atropian Theurge" or 'Diviner of Final Fate'. His hubris was legendary as he believed none had the power to defeat him and was a corrupt and power-mad wandering mage who took what he desired. His hubris would prove to be his undoing when he binded powerful fates to a special tarot deck in his possession. This deck grants he who draws a card from it the boon of good luck or the curse of foul luck. It is said the in his pride of his own power he mistakenly drew the Wrath of Chronicus, which drew his soul into the void. The deck appears at random throughout the continent of Starfell and disappears after bestowing fair or ill fate on it's recipients.

Veridius - The Spear of Destiny
Veridius was named for the being who first wielded it; what race he was has been lost to antiquity. Rumored to have been created by the Elder Gods with the energy left over from the creation of the world. It is written that whoever holds this spear will be undefeated in battle, and is destined to forge a great empire, perhaps to conquer the world by some accounts. However this power comes at a great cost, for it is said that the wielder is marked by destiny to be alone. As the price of Fate the wielder will come to lose all those closest to them, whether through betrayal, death or madness. Those chosen stand apart.

Eyes of Cassandra
2 Artifacts
Cassandra was a powerful sorceress who desired to know the future so that she might gain power in her own time. Making pacts with entities best left alone, she paid the price and received what she wanted. Unfortunately, mortals are not meant to know the future. Cassandra saw the future: all of it, every possibility and place and time. Unceasing visions assaulted her, day and night. She lost the ability to determine what time was her own, and wandered the streets mad and alone, her words unheeded. Eventually she died, and her body decayed to dust in moments as time and her masters claimed her. However, her eyes were left behind, transmuted into unbreakable gold with hourglass pupils. It is said that anyone who finds one of the Eyes of Cassandra can see the future, but few seek them out.

Sword of the Morning
Holy Sword
A holy blade forged by Sir Valaron Lunarus of Dawnsong, a gallant paladin who was especially blessed by The Shining Lady. He forged this blade through a decade of valor, toil and self denial. He carried it upon many adventures, and both he and it became symbols of justice and hope. Upon his death at the claws of the villainous great dragon Cyanic the Soulbender, his body was consumed, and his blade disappeared. Many expeditions have been launched, but not have returned successfully.

Librius Necrotica
Book of Undeath
A tome of Necromancy of the most foul kind, the Librius Necrotica is an index of dark magics and corruption. It is rumored that The Shrouded Host created this blasphemous book and spread it throughout the world. It is rumored that there is more of one of it, even that copies found in our time are but shadows of the future, describing a world of undeath, where nothing lives or grows and all decays endlessly without passing away. In any case, those who read from it gain tremendous mastery over the forbidden art of Necromancy, usually losing their minds and/or souls in the process.

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