Languages work in WoD&D as they do in the core World of Darkness System. Characters begin with three dots in their racial language, and one dot in common. They can also be purchased with a character's starting merit dots.

Basic Languages

These languages are the core racial languages of WoD&D.

Elven - The basic language of the Elves. Also known as Sylvan.
Dwarven - The language of the Dwarves.
Halfling - The language of the Halflings.
Orcish - The language of the Orcs.

There are also several regional Human languages. If your character is Human, they start with three dots in their regional language.

Sharenese - Language of the old Sharnellian Empire. Spoken by the people of the Pyrestone Coast as well as amongst the elves of the Xerilius Sodality as a secondary language.
Argentian - A derivative of Sharenese, Skorian and Dravec, Argentian is the language used by the powerful Argentian Empire and has become the popular language amonst merchants and foreign emissaries.
Skorian - Skorian is the language of the people of Skögulheim. The language, as well as the culture has it's roots in Dwarven culture, with influences of Primordial.
Dravec - Dravec is an ancient language preserved by the people of the Onerac Kingdoms, which were the forebears of humans of the Coronal Realms and the Argentian Empire. It is still spoken in the midlands region of the Coronal Realms, in kingdoms such as Daresford.
Illiari - A elegant language commonly used in both the arts and arcane writings, Illiari is spoken primarily in the western region of the Coronal Realms, particularly in Esperia.

Common - Common is a trade language that is spoken widely by travelers. It is a very limited language, and can be compared to Basic English. It can only be bought up to two dots.

Advanced Languages

Players cannot start with advanced languages without GM permission and a good character reason. Some of them have attribute requirements as well.

Dark Tounges - This is a very limited language spoken by the various members of the dark hordes, including the Drow.
Draconic - The language of the Dragons. 3 Intelligence and 3 Presence is required to learn Draconic.
Supernal - The language of the Celestials. 3 Intelligence is required to learn Supernal.
Infernal - The language of extra-planar evil. 3 Intelligence is required to learn Infernal.
Primordial - The language of the ancient primordials. 3 Intelligence is required to learn Primordial.

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