The Gods in the Chronicles of Starfell campaign setting include:

Also Known as: The Primordial Dragon
Primary Worshipers: None
Domains: Creation
Other Notes: Chronicus created the universe and all its splendors including the various divine entities. Said to be a capricious god, it is said that during the beginning of time he, with the help of his favored, the primordial deities, crafted and destroyed the world several times before he was satisfied with his creation. He left this realm over a millennium ago for unknown reasons. He is now said to have returned.

New Gods

The new gods were not part of the creation of the world, but came later by a variety of means. They now have taken their place among the gods.

Also known as: The Shining Lady, The Argent Goddess
Primary Worshipers: The Argentian Empire
Domains: Law, Light
Alignment: Lawful Good
Other Notes: Allustria sits in the Shining Tower in the center of the City of Spires.

Also known as: The Gilded Fist, The Crafted God
Primary worshipers: The Orcish Hordes
Domains: Artifice
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Other Notes: Created by the Dwarves, he rose to power as a god.

The Shrouded Host
Also known as: The Prevailing Darkness
Primary Worshipers: The Drow
Domains: Darkness, Tyranny, Destruction
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Other Notes: This god-like force has no personification, and dominates parts of the world with darkness. This includes the original homelands of the halflings, as well as the Underdark. These areas are called the Shrouded Lands.

Zuther Stargiver
Also known as: The Starcrafter
Primary Worshippers: The Gnomes
Domains: Invention, the Stars
Alignment: Neutral Good
Other Notes: The Starcrafter is not well known outside of the Gnomish island of Steamspring. He is said to have been the consort of Linessiel on occasion.


The Supernals crafted the souls and magic of this world at the beginning of time.

Also Known as: The Eye of Flame
Primary Worshipers: Pyrestone Coast, Esperia
Domains: Magic, Fire
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Other Notes: Originally the god of law and civilization, those roles have been supplanted by Allustria.

Also known as: The Lucid Enchantress
Primary Worshipers:
Domains: The Moon, Trickery, Dreams
Alignment: Neutral
Other Notes: She is also the goddess of the Faeries, and queen of the fae.

Also known as: The Lord Quietus
Primary Worshipers:
Domains: The Underworld, Death, War
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Other Notes: He is also the lord of the various demons of the underworld. He killed Ragneus and became lord of war in 1000 EOD.


The Primordials crafted the world itself. The are responsible for the land, the sea, and the elements.

Also known as: Viridian Lady of the Wilds
Primary worshippers:
Domains: Nature
Alignment: Unaligned

Also known as: Cerulean Lord of the Oceans
Primary worshippers:
Domains: The Seas, Water
Alignment: Unaligned

Dae Maen
Also known as: Amber Lord of the Mountains
Primary worshippers:
Domains: Earth
Alignment: Unaligned
Other Notes:

Also known as: The Unnamed Lord
Primary Worshipers: None
Domains: Fire
Alignment: Unaligned
Other Notes: Cha'rux was the lost fifth primordial. His existence was scoured from the collective memory of most of the peoples of the world. His name is unknown except to a very few, and was never spoken aloud. His essence was contained in nine books known as the Tomes of Eternal Fire. In 1000 EOD he was freed and he now works to retake his place amongst the other gods.

Aes Keld
Also known as: Amethyst Lady of the Tempest
Primary Worshippers: None
Domains: The Storms
Alignment: Unaligned
Other Notes: Aes Keld has been absorbed by the Shrouded Host, and her powers have been incorporated into it. It is unknown if she can be freed. Storms of darkness and black rain have begun falling on the world.

Former Gods

Also known as: The Valiant Fury
Primary Worshipers: Kingdom of Skögulheim
Domains: War, Valor, Strength
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Other Notes: He was the god of the warrior's code, and the lord of all war. He was killed by Dezodommon, who absorbed his power.

Other Gods

There are other gods and godlike beings in the world, but they are for the most part unknown to the people of Starfell.

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