Evoker Techniques

Evoker Powers are called Evocations.

Evocation 1 - Magic Missile
Cost: 1 Mana
Range: 100 Feet
Dexterity + Arcana + Evocation
A missile of magical energy darts forth from your fingertip and darts towards enemies. This spell does 1 bashing damage per success.

Evocation 2 - Color Spray
Cost: 2 Mana
Range: 20 Feet, cone, can hit Int + Arcana targets
Intelligence + Arcana + Evocation
A vivid cone of clashing colors springs forth from your hand. Each target hit takes 1 bashing damage per success.

Evocation 3 - Fireball
Cost: 3 Mana
Range: 1000 feet per Soul
Area: 40 Feet, cone, can hit Int + Arcana targets
Arcana + Dexterity + Evocation

A fireball spell is an explosion of flame that detonates with a low roar. You point your finger and determine the range (distance and height) at which the fireball is to burst. A glowing, pea-sized bead streaks from the pointing digit and, unless it impacts upon a material body or solid barrier prior to attaining the prescribed range, blossoms into the fireball at that point.

A fireball does 1 lethal damage damage per success and and sets fire to combustibles and damages objects in the area.

Evocation 4 - Disintegrate
Cost 4 Mana
Range: 200 Feet
Dexterity + Archery + Evocation
A thin, green ray springs from your pointing finger. Any creature killed by this spell is entirely disintegrated, leaving behind only a trace of fine dust. This power inflicts aggravated damage and a target killed by this power cannot be resurrected. When used against an object, the ray simply disintegrates as much as one 10-foot cube of nonliving matter

Evocation 5 - Meteor Swarm
Cost 5 Mana
Range 100 Feet per Soul, hits everything within a 25' circle
Intelligence + Arcana + Evocation

Meteor swarm is a very powerful and spectacular spell. When you cast it, four 2-foot-diameter spheres spring from your outstretched hand and streak in straight lines to the spots you select. The meteor spheres leave a fiery trail of sparks.
This power does 2x number of successes lethal damage to creatures and 5x damage to objects and sets targets on fire.

Evoker Mentalist Warlock
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