Divination 1 - Comprehend Languages
Cost 1 Mana
Range 100 feet
Intelligence + Arcana + Divination
Duration 24 Hours
1 target per success can understand all spoken and written languages for 24 hours, at Divination 3 this also allows the recipients to speak all languages for 2 Mana.

Divination 2 - Aura Perception
Cost 2 Mana
Range 50 feet
Intelligence + Empathy + Divination
Target can view caster's Aura, determining the subject's mood, creature type, the use of magic and possibly if the subject is lying. Each success reveals one color or fact about a creature. Determining a lie or Alignment while using Aura Perception requires an Intelligence + Empathy + Divination vs Composure roll.
Aggression - purple
Anger - red
Bitterness - brown
Compassion - pink
Confusion - colors shift, and are mottled
Conservatism - lavender
Daydreaming - colors flicker sharply
Depression - gray
Desire - deep red
Distrust - light green
Envy - dark green
Excitement - violet
Fear - orange
Generosity - rose
Excitement - violet
Fear - orange
Happiness - vermilion
Generosity - rose
Hatred - black
Idealism - yellow
Innocence - white
Love - blue
Lust - deep red
Obsession - green
Psychosis - colors swirl
Rage - crimson
Sadness - silver
Serenity - light blue
Spirituality - gold
Suspicion - dark blue
Vampirism - appropriate color is pale
Infernalist - Black veins
Magic-user - multicolored sparkles in aura
Outsider - Aura is more vibrant

Divination 3 - Past Viewing
Cost 2 Mana
Range - 1 mile
Intelligence + Investigation + Divination
Duration 10 Minutes per success
Caster can see into the past, seeing (1/5 of the current age of the world/universe) years into the past, viewing an area of 100 foot per success. A caster can see important events and people, as well as learning the true history of a person by watching their life.

Divination 4 - Scry
Cost: 2 Mana
Range: This Plane of Existence
Intelligence + Investigation + Divination Vs Resolve + Soul
Duration 10 minutes per success
Caster can see a distant place or individual. This spell creates a window with which a caster can view and listen to a 100 foot per success area, with the ability to focus in on details.

Divination 5 - Foresight
Cost: 3 Mana
Range - Line of Sight
Wits + Arcana + Divination
Duration: 1 Day per success
This spell grants the caster or another creature a powerful sixth sense. Once cast, the recipent receive instantaneous warnings of impending danger or harm to the subject of the spell. Thus they are never surprised or caught off guard. In addition, the spell grants a general idea of what action you might take to best protect yourself and gives a +1 bonus to defense per success. In addition, use of this spell grants general knowledge of upcoming events: wars, natural disasters, important deaths, good or bad fortune, but no way of knowing exactly what will occur or how to prevent it.

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