Coronal Realms

The Coronal Realms make up the area surrounding the Argentian Empire. A loose collection of minor kingdoms and duchies, the Coronal Realms have a symbiotic relationship with the Argentian Empire. The Coronal Realms get the benefit of the presence of the Argent Wardens in their kingdoms, holding the Shrouded Host at bay and the Argentian Empire has both the benefit of increased influence in world politics as well as the added benefit of the military force of the various kingdoms of the Coronal Realms in it's fight against the Shrouded Host.

Politically, the Coronal Realms are made up of several dozen small kingdoms and duchies, many of which are no bigger or more important than a small town and it's adjoining farmland. There are however a handful of more important and influential kingdoms in the Coronal Realms. A few of them include:

*Daresford - Daresford is a large city on the shores of the Nimbal River. It is often considered to be the military center of the Coronal Realms as it boasts one of the largest standing armies outside the Argentian Empire. The city is closest major kingdom to the Orcish Hordelands and it's military frequently deals with raids from the Horde. Combat awareness and military training are important in the Kingdom of Daresford and all adult males of the kingdom are required to serve a minimal period of service in either the Daresford army proper or one of several outlying militias in the small villiages throughout the kingdom. The kingdom is lead by a council of nine, one of which is named Supreme Councilor. It has not had a sitting king since being conquered by The Argentian Empire in 391 AD. Having won its independence in 999 AD, many in the kingdom now look for a return to monarchy.

*Esperia - Esperia is a small island realm located on an island in the Gulf of Telerandt. Esperia is a realm where knowledge is worth far more than gold its ruling class of mages, monks and priests are held in high esteem. It is said that the kingdom was established by The Imperiarch Epiraneus, a mystic and powerful sphinx, several millenia ago as a refuge from the rest of society where the pursuit of knowledge could be focused on.

*Port Barithem - Barithem is the largest and most influential of the kingdoms in the Coronal Realms whose economic prosperity allows it to rival the authority of the Argentian Empire though it rarely chooses to do so. Located on the southern shore of the Sea of Lucindus, Port Barithem has made its place in the world by making itself a nexus for trade, sharing borders with various other kingdoms of the Realms as well as the Qu'Laris Combine and by attracting merchant ships sailing from the Pyrestone Coast. Barithem is a city where coin is king and anything can be bought or sold if you have enough of it.

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