Clerics make up the world's faithful. They are faithful to gods, philosophies, or nature, and channel their power to further the goals of what they are faithful to.

Their Soul type is called Faith.


Druid - A druid is dedicated to serving and protecting nature, and wields power over plants and animals. They can summon both to their defense, and transform themselves into animal forms.

Druids can only use Basic Weapons plus one of Spears, Bows, Crossbows or Slings & Darts. Druids can wear light armor.

Healer - A healer channels their holy power to heal. Their techniques allow them to restore lost limbs, heal wounds, and cure diseases.

Healers can only use Basic Weapons. Healers can only wear light armor.

Paladin - The paladin is a holy warrior that channels their power into destroying the forces of those of opposing alignments.

Paladin - Basic Weapons plus any three melee or Crossbows. Paladins can wear any armor.


All clerics get:

Cost: 1 Mana
Range: 40 Feet
Duration: Scene
Presence + Religion
If successful, each ally in range gets +1 Resolve for the duration of the scene. (This also grants a temporary dot of Willpower.) This does not stack with other instances of Bless or similar effects.

Also clerics can get Domain powers based on their god or philosophy.

Artifice - Orodos
Conflict - Ragneus
Death - Dezodommon
Entropy - The Shrouded Host
Knowledge - Zuther Stargiver
Light - Allustria
Magic - Xephenon
Mountains - Dae Maen
Oceans - Ghaeleron
Storms - Aes Keld
Trickery - Linessiel
Wilds - Sae'Vaugh

Mountains 1 - Soften Earth and Stone
Cost: 1 Mana
Resolve + Survival + Mountains
All natural earth or stone in the spell’s area is softened. Wet earth becomes thick mud, dry earth becomes loose sand or dirt, and stone becomes soft clay that is easily molded or chopped. You affect a 10-foot square area per success to a depth of 10 feet. Magical or worked stone cannot be affected.

A creature in mud must succeed on a Dexterity + Athletics roll or be caught for 2 rounds and unable to move, attack, or cast spells. A creature that succeeds on its roll can move through the mud at half speed and it can’t run or charge.

Loose dirt is not as troublesome as mud, but all creatures in the area can move at only half their normal speed and can’t run or charge over the surface. Stone softened into clay does not hinder movement, but it does allow characters to cut, shape, or excavate areas they may not have been able to affect before. A moderate amount of structural damage can be dealt to a manufactured structure by softening the ground beneath it, causing it to settle. However most well-built structures will only be damaged by this spell, not destroyed.

Mountains 2 - Stone Shape
Cost: 1 Mana
Resolve + Crafts + Mountains
You can form an existing piece of stone into any shape that suits your purpose. While it’s possible to make crude coffers, doors, and so forth with stone shape, fine detail is more difficult, requiring more successes to achieve.

Mountains 3 - Wall of Stone
Cost: 3 Mana
Range: 200 feet per Soul
Stamina + Crafts + Mountains
This spell creates a wall of rock that merges into adjoining rock surfaces. A wall of stone is 1 inch thick per success and composed of up to five 5-foot squares per Soul. You can double the wall’s area by halving its thickness. The wall cannot be conjured so that it occupies the same space as a creature or another object.

You can create a wall of stone in almost any shape you desire. The wall created need not be vertical, nor rest upon any firm foundation; however, it must merge with and be solidly supported by existing stone. It can be used to bridge a chasm, for instance, or as a ramp. The wall can be crudely shaped to allow crenellations, battlements, and so forth by likewise reducing the area.

It is possible, but difficult, to trap mobile opponents within or under a wall of stone, provided the wall is shaped so it can hold the creatures. Creatures can avoid entrapment with successful dexterity + athletics roll.

Mountains 4 - Summon Titan
Cost: 3 Mana
Duratrion: 1 Scene
Resolve + Survival + Mountains
You summon of being of stone to aid you. It can crush enemies or hurl stones at them from its own body. It obeys you, and follows your directions. It gets 8 dice plus 2 dice per success on attack rolls. It has 2 willpower and five health, plus one per success.

Mountains 5 - Earthquake
Cost: 4 Mana
Resolve + Survival + Mountains

When you cast earthquake, an intense but highly localized tremor rips the ground. The shock knocks creatures down, collapses structures, opens cracks in the ground, and more. The effect lasts for 1 round, during which time creatures on the ground can’t move or attack. The earthquake affects all terrain, vegetation, structures, and creatures in the area. The specific effect of an earthquake spell depends on the nature of the terrain where it is cast.

Cave, Cavern, or Tunnel - The spell collapses the roof, dealing 2 points of bashing damage per success to any creature caught under the cave-in (dexterity + athletics for half) and pinning that creature beneath the rubble.

Cliffs - Earthquake causes a cliff to crumble, creating a landslide that travels horizontally as far as it fell vertically. Any creature in the path takes 2 points of bashing damage per success (dexterity + athletics for half) and is pinned beneath the rubble.

Open Ground - Each creature standing in the area must make a dexterity + athletics roll or fall down. Fissures open in the earth, and every creature on the ground has a 30% chance to fall into one (Dexterity + athletics to avoid a fissure) to avoid a fissure). At the end of the spell, all fissures grind shut, killing those caught in them. Any structure standing on open ground takes 2 points of aggravated damage per success, enough to collapse a typical building.

Pinned beneath Rubble - Any creature pinned beneath rubble takes 1 bashing damage per minute while pinned.

Oceans 1 - Fog Cloud
Cost: 1 Mana
Duration: 1 Scene
Wits + Survival + Oceans
A bank of fog billows out from the point you designate. The fog obscures all sight, including darkvision, beyond 5 feet. A creature within 5 feet has concealment. Creatures farther away have total concealment. A moderate wind (11+ mph) disperses the fog in 4 rounds; a strong wind (21+ mph) disperses the fog in 1 round.

Oceans 2 - Water Breathing
Cost: 2 Mana
Duration: 1 Day per success
Wits + Medicine + Oceans
3 Creatures per success can breathe water freely for the duration. The spell does not make creatures unable to breathe air.

Oceans 3 - Control Water
Cost: 2 Mana
Duration: 1 Scene
Wits + Crafts + Oceans
This causes water or similar liquid to rise or lower its depth by as much as 10 feet per success to a minimum depth of 1 inch. In extremely large and deep bodies of water, such as a deep ocean, the spell creates a whirlpool that sweeps ships and similar craft downward, putting them at risk and rendering them unable to leave by normal movement for the duration of the spell.

Oceans 4 - Summon Kraken
Cost: 3 Mana
Duration: 1 Scene
Wits + Survival + Oceans
You summon the Kraken, a multarmed monster that can eat ships and people. It obeys you, and follows your directions. It gets 8 dice plus 2 dice per success on attack rolls. It has 2 willpower and five health, plus one per success.

Oceans 5 - Horrid Wilting
Cost: 4 Mana
Wits + Medicine + Oceans
This spell drains water from the body of the target creature, dealing 1 point of aggravated damage per success. This spell is especially devastating to water elementals and plant creatures, which instead take 3 point of aggrevated damage per success.

Storms 1 - Obscuring Mist
Cost: 1 Mana
Duration: 1 Scene
Wits + Survival + Storms
A misty vapor arises around you. It is stationary once created. The vapor obscures all sight, including darkvision, beyond 5 feet. A creature 5 feet away has concealment. Creatures farther away have total concealment.
A moderate wind (11+ mph), such as from a gust of wind spell, disperses the fog in 4 rounds. A strong wind (21+ mph) disperses the fog in 1 round. A fireball or similar spell burns away the fog in the explosive or fiery spell’s area.

Storms 2 - Gust of Wind
Cost: 1 Mana
Duration: 1 Round per success
Wits + Survival + Storms
This spell creates a severe blast of air (approximately 50 mph) that originates from you, affecting all creatures in its path. Small creatures are knocked prone by the force of the wind, while medium creatures are unable to move forward. Large or larger creatures may move normally within a gust of wind effect. Any creature, regardless of size, takes a -2 die penalty on ranged attacks and rolls to hear anything in the area of a gust of wind.

Storms 3 - Call Lightning
Cost: 2 Mana
Duration: 1 round
Dexterity + Survival + Storms
Great magical lightning bolts strike, dealing 1 point of lethal damage per success, and setting flammables on fire.

Storms 4 - Summon Storm Spirit
Cost: 3 Mana
Duration: 1 Scene
Resolve + Survival + Storms
You summon a spirit of primal fury. It obeys you, and follows your directions. It is able to attack with lightning and cold. It gets 8 dice plus 2 dice per success on attack rolls. It has 2 willpower and five health, plus one per success.

Storms 5 - Control Weather
Cost: 3 Mana
Duration: 2 Days per success
Resolve + Survival + Storms

You change the weather in the local area. It takes 10 minutes to cast the spell and an additional 10 minutes for the effects to manifest. You can call forth weather appropriate to the climate and season of the area you are in.

You control the general tendencies of the weather, such as the direction and intensity of the wind. You cannot control specific applications of the weather—where lightning strikes, for example, or the exact path of a tornado. When you select a certain weather condition to occur, the weather assumes that condition 10 minutes later (changing gradually, not abruptly). The weather continues as you left it for the duration, or until you use a standard action to designate a new kind of weather (which fully manifests itself 10 minutes later). Contradictory conditions are not possible simultaneously.

Wilds 1 - Barkskin
Cost: 1 Mana
Duration: 1 Scene
Resolve + Survival + Wilds
You gain 1 Armor per 2 successes.

** Wilds 2 - Plant Growth**
Cost: 1 Mana
Duration: 1 Scene or 1 Year
Wits + Nature Ken + Wilds

Plant growth has different effects depending on the version chosen.
Overgrowth: This effect causes normal vegetation (grasses, briars, bushes, creepers, thistles, trees, vines) within 500 feet per Soul to become thick and overgrown. The plants entwine to form a thicket or jungle that creatures must hack or force a way through. Speed drops by 5 per success to a minimum of 1. The area must have brush and trees in it for this spell to take effect. At your option, the area can be a 100-foot-radius circle, a 150-foot-radius semicircle, or a 200-foot-radius quarter circle. You may designate places within the area that are not affected.

Enrichment: This effect targets plants within a range of one-half mile, raising their potential productivity over the course of the next year to 25% above normal per success.

Wilds 3 - Commune with Nature
Cost: 3 Mana
Casting Time: 10 minutes
Wits + Nature Ken + Wilds

You become one with nature, attaining knowledge of the surrounding territory. You instantly gain knowledge of as many as three facts from among the following subjects: the ground or terrain, plants, minerals, bodies of water, people, general animal population, presence of woodland creatures, presence of powerful unnatural creatures, or even the general state of the natural setting.

In outdoor settings, the spell operates in a radius of 1 mile per caster level. In natural underground settings—caves, caverns, and the like—the radius is limited to 100 feet per caster level. The spell does not function where nature has been replaced by construction or settlement, such as in dungeons and towns.

Wilds 4 - Summon Essence of Life
Cost: 3 Mana
Duration: 1 Scene
Wits + Survival + Wilds
You summon the essence of life, a force that can appear as any plant creature or normal or magical animal. It obeys you, and follows your directions. It gets 8 dice plus 2 dice per success on attack rolls. It has 2 willpower and five health, plus one per success.

Wilds 5 - Command Life
Cost: 3 Mana
Duration: 1 Scene
Resolve + Nature Ken + Wilds
As Dominate, but on plant or animal creatures.

Available at Faith 1

Cost: 1 Mana
Wits + Religion + Faith
Casting Time: 1 minute
Range: Personal
Target: You
An augury can tell you whether a particular action will bring good or bad results for you in the immediate future.
The base chance for receiving a meaningful reply is 70% + 5% per extra success, to a maximum of 90%; this roll is made secretly. A question may be so straightforward that a successful result is automatic, or so vague as to have no chance of success. If the augury succeeds, you get one of four results:
* Weal (if the action will probably bring good results).
* Woe (for bad results).
* Weal and woe (for both).
* Nothing (for actions that don’t have especially good or bad results).
If the spell fails, you get the “nothing” result. A cleric who gets the “nothing” result has no way to tell whether it was the consequence of a failed or successful augury.
The augury can see into the future only about half an hour, so anything that might happen after that does not affect the result. Thus, the result might not take into account the long-term consequences of a contemplated action. All auguries cast by the same person about the same topic use the same dice result as the first casting.

Bless Water
Cost: 1 Mana
Range: Touch
Duration: Permanent
Faith + Presence + Religion

Water touched while using this spell becomes Holy Water.

Calm Emotions
Cost: 1 Mana
Manipulation + Empathy + Faith
Range: 100 feet per Soul
Area: Creatures in a 20-ft.-radius spread
Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute per success

This spell calms agitated creatures. You have no control over the affected creatures, but calm emotions can stop raging creatures from fighting or joyous ones from reveling. Creatures so affected cannot take violent actions (although they can defend themselves) or do anything destructive. Any aggressive action against or damage dealt to a calmed creature immediately breaks the spell on all calmed creatures.

This spell automatically suppresses (but does not dispel) any morale bonuses granted by spells such as bless, good hope, and rage, as well as negating a bard’s ability to inspire courage or a barbarian’s rage ability. It also suppresses any fear effects and removes the confused condition from all targets. While the spell lasts, a suppressed spell or effect has no effect. When the calm emotions spell ends, the original spell or effect takes hold of the creature again, provided that its duration has not expired in the meantime.

Comprehend Languages
Cost 1 Mana
Range 100 feet
Intelligence + Arcana + Faith
Duration: 24 Hours
1 target per success can understand all spoken and written languages for 24 hours, at Faith 3 this also allows the recipients to speak all languages for 2 Mana.

Detect Poison
Cost: 1 Mana
Wits + Medicine + Faith
Range: 50 feet
Target: One creature, one object, or a 5-ft. cube

You determine whether a creature, object, or area has been poisoned or is poisonous. You can determine the exact type of poison with 2 - 3 successes. A character with the Alchemy skill may try Intelligence + Alchemy if you fail.

Detect Undead
Cost: 1 Mana
Range: Variable
Instant Action
Duration: Scene
Faith + Wits + Religion

Detect nearby undead. The range is dependent on the number of successes. Each success equals 20 feet of range. If the target is opposed, a reflexive Resolve + Composure is rolled.

Endure Elements
Cost: 1 Mana
Composure + Survival + Faith
Duration: 1 day per success

A creature protected by endure elements suffers no harm from being in a hot or cold environment. It can exist comfortably in conditions between -50 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit without having to make Fortitude saves). The creature’s equipment is likewise protected. Endure elements doesn’t provide any protection from fire or cold damage, nor does it protect against other environmental hazards such as smoke, lack of air, and so forth.

Helping Hand
Cost: 1 Mana
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: 5 miles per success
Duration: 6 hours per success

You create the ghostly image of a hand, which you can send to find a creature within range. The hand then beckons to that creature and leads it to you if the creature is willing to follow. You specify a person (or any creature) by physical description. When the description is complete, the hand streaks off in search of a subject that fits the description. The amount of time it takes to find the subject depends on how far away she is. Distance - Time to Locate, 100 ft. or less - 1 round, 1,000 ft. - 1 minute, 1 mile - 10 minutes, 2 miles - 1 hour, 3 miles - 2 hours, 4 miles - 3 hours, 5 miles - 4 hours.

Once the hand locates the subject, it beckons the creature to follow it. If the subject does so, the hand points in your direction, indicating the most direct feasible route. The hand hovers 10 feet in front of the subject, moving before it at a speed of as much as 240 feet per round. Once the hand leads the subject back to you, it disappears.

Cost: 1 Mana
Range: 80 feet
Duration: Scene
Faith + Composure + Religion

Can only target objects. The object glows with enough light to provide for normal sight within a 40 ft radius of the object. If the object is held by an unwilling target, the roll is contested by Resolve + Composure.

Purify Food and Drink
Cost: 1 Mana
Wits + Religion + Faith
Range: 10 feet per success
Target: 5 cubic feet per success of contaminated food and water.

This spell makes spoiled, rotten, poisonous, or otherwise contaminated food and water pure and suitable for eating and drinking. This spell does not prevent subsequent natural decay or spoilage. Unholy water and similar food and drink of significance is spoiled by purify food and drink, but the spell has no effect on creatures of any type nor upon magic potions. Note: Water weighs about 8 pounds per gallon. One cubic foot of water contains roughly 8 gallons and weighs about 60 pounds.

Remove Fear
Cost: 1 Mana
Wits + Persuasion + Faith
Target: 1 Creature + 1 additional creature per success

You instill courage in the subject, granting it 2 bonus dice per success against fear effects for 10 minutes per success. If the subject is under the influence of a fear effect when receiving the spell, that effect is suppressed for the duration of the spell.

Remove Paralysis
Cost: 1 Mana
Wits + Religion + Faith

You can free one or more creatures from the effects of any temporary paralysis or related magic. If the spell is cast on one creature, the paralysis is negated. If cast on two creatures, each receives a roll against the affect with a 2 bonus dice per success against the effect that afflicts it. If cast on three or four creatures, each receives another roll with 1 bonus die per success.

Cost: 2 Mana
Presence + Religion + Faith vs. Resolve + Composure
Duration: 1 Scene

Any opponent attempting to strike or otherwise directly attack the warded creature, even with a targeted spell, must roll Resolve + Composure. If they succeed, the opponent can attack normally and is unaffected by that casting of the spell. If they fail, the opponent can’t follow through with the attack, that part of its action is lost, and it can’t directly attack the warded creature for the duration of the spell. Those not attempting to attack the subject remain unaffected. This spell does not prevent the warded creature from being attacked or affected by area or effect spells. The subject cannot attack without breaking the spell but may use non hostile spells or otherwise act.

Cost: 1 Mana
Wits + Medicine + Faith
Range: Touch
This spell stabilizes a dying creature, one who has filled their health boxes so they are taking aggravated damage from their wounds.

Turn Undead
Cost: 2 Mana
Range: 40 feet surrounding the caster
Faith + Presence + Religion

Only affects undead. The targets take bashing damage equal to the number of successes rolled. If the number of successes is greater than the target's willpower, the target flees the affected area.

Available at Faith 2

Cost: 1 - 5 Mana, sometimes + 1 Willpower depending on how seriously an individual has transgressed
Wits + Religion + Faith
Casting Time: 1 hour
Range: Touch

This spell removes the burden of evil acts or misdeeds from the subject. The creature seeking atonement must be truly repentant and desirous of setting right its misdeeds. If the atoning creature committed the evil act unwittingly or under some form of compulsion, atonement operates normally at no cost to you. However, in the case of a creature atoning for deliberate misdeeds and acts of a knowing and willful nature, you must intercede with your deity, requiring you to expend 1 Willpower) in order to expunge the subject’s burden. Many casters first assign a subject of this sort a quest (see geas/quest) or similar penance to determine whether the creature is truly contrite before casting the atonement spell on its behalf.

Reverse Magical Alignment Change
If a creature has had its alignment magically changed, atonement returns its alignment to its original status at no cost in experience points.

Restore Class
A paladin who has lost her class features due to committing an evil act may have her paladinhood restored to her by this spell.

Restore Cleric or Druid Spell Powers
A cleric or druid who has lost the ability to cast spells by incurring the anger of his or her deity may regain that ability by seeking atonement from another cleric of the same deity or another druid. If the transgression was intentional, the casting cleric spends 1 Willpower for his intercession.

Redemption or Temptation
You may cast this spell upon a creature of an opposing alignment in order to offer it a chance to change its alignment to match yours. The prospective subject must be present for the entire casting process. Upon completion of the spell, the subject freely chooses whether it retains its original alignment or acquiesces to your offer and changes to your alignment. No duress, compulsion, or magical influence can force the subject to take advantage of the opportunity offered if it is unwilling to abandon its old alignment. This use of the spell does not work on outsiders or any creature incapable of changing its alignment naturally.

Aura Perception
Cost 2 Mana
Range 50 feet
Wits + Empathy + Faith
Target can view caster's Aura, determining the subject's mood, creature type, the use of magic and possibly if the subject is lying. Each success reveals one color or fact about a creature. Determining a lie or Alignment while using Aura Perception requires an Wits + Empathy + Faith vs Composure roll.
Aggression - purple
Anger - red
Bitterness - brown
Compassion - pink
Confusion - colors shift, and are mottled
Conservatism - lavender
Daydreaming - colors flicker sharply
Depression - gray
Desire - deep red
Distrust - light green
Envy - dark green
Excitement - violet
Fear - orange
Generosity - rose
Excitement - violet
Fear - orange
Happiness - vermilion
Generosity - rose
Hatred - black
Idealism - yellow
Innocence - white
Love - blue
Lust - deep red
Obsession - green
Psychosis - colors swirl
Rage - crimson
Sadness - silver
Serenity - light blue
Spirituality - gold
Suspicion - dark blue
Vampirism - appropriate color is pale
Infernalist - Black veins
Magic-user - multicolored sparkles in aura
Outsider - Aura is more vibrant

Bestow Curse
Cost: 2 Mana
Wits + Arcana + Faith vs Resolve + Composure
Range: Touch
Duration: Permanent

You place a curse on the subject. Choose one of the following three effects.

* -2 decrease to an attribute score (minimum 1).
* -2 dice to everything.
* Each turn, the target has a 50% chance to act normally; otherwise, it takes no action.

You may also invent your own curse, but it should be no more powerful than those described above.
The curse bestowed by this spell cannot be dispelled, but it can be removed with a break enchantment, limited wish, miracle, remove curse, or wish spell.

Cost: 2 Mana
Wits + Religion +Faith
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Close 25 feet per Soul
Area: 20-ft.-radius emanation
Duration: 1 day per Soul

This spell blesses an area with positive energy. Each check made to turn undead within this area gains a 1 bonus die per success. Every undead creature entering a consecrated area suffers minor disruption, giving it a -1 die per 2 successes penalty on attack rolls, damage rolls, and saves. Undead cannot be created within or summoned into a consecrated area.

If the consecrated area contains an altar, shrine, or other permanent fixture dedicated to your deity, pantheon, or aligned higher power, the modifiers given above are doubled. You cannot consecrate an area with a similar fixture of a deity other than your own patron.

If the area does contain an altar, shrine, or other permanent fixture of a deity, pantheon, or higher power other than your patron, the consecrate spell instead curses the area, cutting off its connection with the associated deity or power. This secondary function, if used, does not also grant the bonuses and penalties relating to undead, as given above.

Create Food and Water
Cost: 2 Mana
Wits + Religion + Faith
Casting Time: 10 minutes
Range: 25 feet per Soul
Effect: Food and water to sustain three humans or one horse per success for 24 hours
Duration: 24 hours

The food that this spell creates is simple fare of your choice—highly nourishing, if rather bland. Food so created decays and becomes inedible within 24 hours, although it can be kept fresh for another 24 hours by casting a purify food and drink spell on it. The water created by this spell is just like clean rain water, and it doesn’t go bad as the food does.

Cost: 2 Mana
Wits + Religion + Faith
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Touch
Target: Object touched
Duration: 1 hour per Soul

The object touched sheds light as bright as full daylight in a 100-foot radius, and dim light for an additional 100 feet beyond that. Creatures that take penalties in bright light also take them while within the radius of this magical light. Despite its name, this spell is not the equivalent of daylight for the purposes of creatures that are damaged or destroyed by bright light. If daylight is cast on a small object that is then placed inside or under a light-proof covering, the spell’s effects are blocked until the covering is removed.

Daylight brought into an area of magical darkness (or vice versa) is temporarily negated, so that the otherwise prevailing light conditions exist in the overlapping areas of effect. Daylight counters or dispels any darkness spell of equal or lower level, such as darkness.

Hold Person
Cost: 2 Mana
Wits + Religion + Faith vs Resolve + Composure
Range: 200 feet per Soul
Target: One humanoid creature
Duration: 1 round/success
The subject becomes paralyzed and freezes in place. It is aware and breathes normally but cannot take any actions, even speech. Each round on its turn, the subject may roll Resolve +Composure to end the effect. A winged creature who is paralyzed cannot flap its wings and falls. A swimmer can’t swim and may drown.

Invisibility Purge
Cost: 2 Mana
Wits + Composure + Faith
Duration: 5 minutes per success
You surround yourself with a sphere of power with a radius of 5 feet per Soul that negates all forms of invisibility.

Make Whole
Cost: 2 Mana
Wits + Craft + Faith
Range: 25 feet per Soul
Target: One object of up to 25 cu. feet per Soul
This spell functions like mending, except that make whole completely repairs an object made of any substance, even one with multiple breaks, to be as strong as new. The spell does not restore the magical abilities of a broken magic item made whole, and it cannot mend broken magic rods, staffs, or wands. The spell does not repair items that have been warped, burned, disintegrated, ground to powder, melted, or vaporized, or creatures including constructs.

Magic Circle Against (Alignment)
Cost 2 Mana
Intelligence + Religion + Faith
Range: 10 foot circle centered on caster
Duration: 1 Scene
All creatures within the area gain +1 Defense per 2 successes against attacks made or effects created by evil creatures.

The spell blocks any attempt to possess the warded creature or to exercise mental control over it. The protection does not prevent such effects from targeting the protected creature, but it suppresses the effect for the duration of the protection from evil effect. If the protection from evil effect ends before the effect granting mental control does, the would-be controller would then be able to mentally command the controlled creature. Likewise, the barrier keeps out a possessing life force but does not expel one if it is in place before the spell is cast. This second effect works regardless of alignment.

Third, the spell prevents bodily contact by summoned creatures. This causes the natural weapon attacks of such creatures to fail and the creatures to recoil if such attacks require touching the warded creature. Good summoned creatures are immune to this effect. The protection against contact by summoned creatures ends if the warded creature makes an attack against or tries to force the barrier against the blocked creature. Spell resistance can allow a creature to overcome this protection and touch the warded creature.

No nongood summoned creatures can enter the area either. You must overcome a creature’s spell resistance in order to keep it at bay, but the defense bonus and the protection from mental control apply regardless of enemies’ spell resistance.

This spell has an alternative version that you may choose when casting it. A magic circle against evil can be focused inward rather than outward. When focused inward, the spell binds a nongood called creature (such as those called by the planar binding spell) for a maximum of 1 week per success, provided that you cast the spell that calls the creature within 1 round of casting the magic circle. The creature cannot cross the circle’s boundaries. If a creature too large to fit into the spell’s area is the subject of the spell, the spell acts as a normal protection from evil spell for that creature only.

A magic circle leaves much to be desired as a trap. If the circle of powdered silver laid down in the process of spellcasting is broken, the effect immediately ends. The trapped creature can do nothing that disturbs the circle, directly or indirectly, but other creatures can. If the called creature has spell resistance, it can test the trap once a day. If you fail to overcome its spell resistance, the creature breaks free, destroying the circle. A creature capable of any form of dimensional travel can simply leave the circle through that means. The creature cannot reach across the magic circle, but its ranged attacks can. The creature can attack any target it can reach with its ranged attacks except for the circle.

You can add a special diagram (a two-dimensional bounded figure with no gaps along its circumference, augmented with various magical sigils) to make the magic circle more secure. Drawing the diagram by hand takes 10 minutes and requires an Intelligence + Arcana roll. You do not know the result of this check. If the check fails, the diagram is ineffective.

A successful diagram allows you to cast a dimensional anchor spell on the magic circle during the round before casting any summoning spell. The anchor holds any called creatures in the magic circle for 24 hours per caster level. A creature cannot use its spell resistance against a magic circle prepared with a diagram, and none of its abilities or attacks can cross the diagram. If the creature tries a Resolve + Composure check to break free of the trap (see the planar binding spell),an extra success is needed. The creature is immediately released if anything disturbs the diagram—even a straw laid across it. However, the creature itself cannot disturb the diagram either directly or indirectly.

Remove Curse
Wits + Arcana + Faith
Cost: 2 Mana + 1 Willpower
Casting Time: 1 Hour
Range: Touch

Remove curse removes all curses on an object or a creature. Remove curse does not remove the curse from a cursed shield, weapon, or suit of armor, although the spell typically enables the creature afflicted with any such cursed item to remove and get rid of it. Certain special curses may not be countered by this spell or may be countered only by a caster of a certain Soul or higher. Remove curse counters and dispels bestow curse.

Resist Energy
Cost: 2 Mana
Wits + Arcana + Faith
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Touch
Target: Creature touched
Duration: 1 hour per Soul

This abjuration grants a creature limited protection from damage of whichever one of five energy types you select: acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic. The subject gains energy resistance 2 per success against the energy type chosen, meaning that each time the creature is subjected to such damage (whether from a natural or magical source), that damage is reduced by 2 points of lethal or aggrevated or 4 bashing before being applied to the creature’s health. The value of the energy resistance granted increases to 3 per success points at 3 Faith and to a maximum of 4 points at 4 Faith. The spell protects the recipient’s equipment as well. Resist energy absorbs only damage. The subject could still suffer unfortunate side effects.

Available at Faith 3

Costs 3 Mana
Range 30 feet
Resolve + Religion + Faith vs. Willpower
Banishes a number of nonnative creatures equal to the number of successes to their home plane.

Flame Strike
Cost: 3 Mana
Wits + Religion + Faith vs Dexterity + Athletics
Range: 200 feet per Soul
Area: Cylinder (10-ft. radius, 40 ft. high)

A flame strike produces a vertical column of divine fire roaring downward. The spell deals 1 points of damage per success. Half the damage is fire damage, but the other half results directly from divine power and is therefore not subject to being reduced by resistance to fire-based attacks.

Presence + Religion + Faith
Cost: 3 Mana + 1 Willpower
Casting Time: 10 minutes
Target: One living creature
Saving Throw: None

A geas places a magical command on a creature to carry out some service or to refrain from some action or course of activity, as desired by you. The subject takes 1 point of lethal damage each day it does not attempt to follow the geas/quest which does not heal until the target begins to follow the Geas. Additionally, each day it must make a Fortitude saving throw or become sickened. These effects end 24 hours after the creature attempts to resume the geas/quest. A remove curse spell ends a geas/quest spell only if its caster Soul is at least one higher than yours. Break enchantment does not end a geas/quest.

Cost: 2 Mana
Presence + Religion + Faith
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: 40 ft.
Area: All allies and foes within a 40-ft.-radius burst centered on you
Duration: 1 round per success
You bring special favor upon yourself and your allies while bringing disfavor to your enemies. You and your each of your allies gain one bonus die on all rolls, while each of your foes takes a -1 penalty on all rolls.

Searing Light
Dexterity + Religion + Faith
Cost: 2 Mana
Range: 100 ft. per Soul

Focusing divine power like a ray of the sun, you project a blast of light from your open palm. You must succeed on a Dexterity + Religion + Faith roll to strike your target. A creature struck by this ray of light takes 1 bashing damage per success. An undead creature takes 1 lethal damager per success, and an undead creature particularly vulnerable to bright light takes 1 aggrevated success. A construct or inanimate object takes only 1 point of damage per two successes.

Speak with the Dead
Cost: 3 Mana
Wits + Religion + Faith Vs. Resolve + Composure
Casting Time: 10 minutes
Range: 10 ft.
Target: One dead creature
Duration: 5 minutes per Soul

You grant the semblance of life and intellect to a corpse, allowing it to answer several questions that you put to it. You may ask two questions per success. The corpse’s knowledge is limited to what the creature knew during life, including the languages it spoke (if any). Answers are usually brief, cryptic, or repetitive. If the creature’s alignment was different from yours, the corpse gets a Will save to resist the spell as if it were alive.

You can cast this spell on a corpse that has been deceased for any amount of time, but the body must be mostly intact to be able to respond. A damaged corpse may be able to give partial answers or partially correct answers, but it must at least have a mouth in order to speak at all.

This spell does not let you actually speak to the person (whose soul has departed). It instead draws on the imprinted knowledge stored in the corpse. The partially animated body retains the imprint of the soul that once inhabited it, and thus it can speak with all the knowledge that the creature had while alive. The corpse, however, cannot learn new information. This spell does not affect a corpse that has been turned into an undead creature.

Available at Faith 4

Break Enchantment
Cost: 4 Mana + 1 Willpower
Wits + Arcana + Faith
Casting Time: 1 minute
Range: 50 feet
Targets: 5 creatures per Soul

This spell frees victims from enchantments, transmutations, and curses. Break enchantment can reverse even an instantaneous effect. For each such effect, you roll Wits + Arcana + Faith against the roll that caused the effect. Success means that the creature is free of the spell, curse, or effect. If the spell is one that cannot be dispelled by dispel magic, break enchantment works only if that spell is cast by one of Soul 4 or lower. If the effect comes from some permanent magic item break enchantment does not remove the curse from the item, but it does frees the victim from the item’s effects.

Wits + Religion + Soul
Cost: 5 Mana + 1 Willpower
Casting Time: 24 hours
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 Year
Area: 40-ft. radius emanating from the touched point

Hallow makes a particular site, building, or structure a holy site. This has four major effects.
First, the site or structure is guarded by a magic circle against evil effect.
Second, all Charisma checks made to turn undead gain 2 bonus dice and Charisma checks to command undead take an equal penalty.
Third, any dead body interred in a hallowed site cannot be turned into an undead creature.
Finally, you may choose to fix a single spell effect to the hallowed site. The spell effect lasts for one year and functions throughout the entire site, regardless of the normal duration and area or effect. You may designate whether the effect applies to all creatures, creatures who share your faith or alignment, or creatures who adhere to another faith or alignment. At the end of the year, the chosen effect lapses, but it can be renewed or replaced simply by casting hallow again.

Heroes’ Feast
Cost: 2 Mana
Casting Time: 10 minutes
Range: 50 feet
Effect: Feast for 5 creatures per Soul

You bring forth a great feast, including a magnificent table, chairs, service, and food and drink. The feast takes 1 hour to consume, and the beneficial effects do not set in until this hour is over. Every creature partaking of the feast is cured of all diseases, sickness, and nausea; becomes immune to poison for a day; and gains 1d8 temporary hit points +1 point per two caster levels (maximum +10) after imbibing the nectar-like beverage that is part of the feast. The ambrosial food that is consumed grants each creature that partakes a +1 morale bonus on attack rolls and Will saves and immunity to fear effects for 12 hours.

Zone of Truth
Cost: 3 Mana + 1 Willpower
Wits + Empathy + Faith vs Resolve + Composure
Range: 50 feet per Soul
Area: 20-ft.-radius emanation
Duration: 5 minutes per Spul
Creatures within the area can’t speak any deliberate and intentional lies. Each potentially affected creature is allowed a save to avoid the effects when the spell is cast or when the creature first enters the emanation area. Affected creatures are aware of this enchantment. Therefore, they may avoid answering questions to which they would normally respond with a lie, or they may be evasive as long as they remain within the boundaries of the truth. Creatures who leave the area are free to speak as they choose.

Available at Faith 5

Cost: 10 mana + 1 Willpower
Wits + Religion + Faith
Casting Time: 1 hour
This spell raises the dead, allowing you to resurrect a creature that has been dead for as long as 1 year per success. This spell can even bring back creatures whose bodies have been destroyed, provided that you unambiguously identify the deceased in some fashion (reciting the deceased’s time and place of birth or death is the most common method). A soul which does not wish to return can refuse and remain dead. Note that most souls prefer to remain in the afterlife and it is those who have serious unfinished business in the mortal world who return.

Upon completion of the spell, the creature is immediately restored to full health. You can revive someone killed by a death effect or someone who has been turned into an undead creature and then destroyed. This spell can also resurrect elementals or outsiders, but it can’t resurrect constructs or undead creatures. Even resurrection can’t restore to life a creature who has died of old age.

The recipient of this spell owes a great debt to the cleric and their god, and as a result they suffer a permanent non-removable geas for the rest of their life to the god who brought them back.

Storm of Vengeance
Cost: 5 Mana + 1 Willpower
Casting Time: 1 round
Resolve + Religion + Faith
Range: 500 feet per Soul
Effect: 360-foot-radius storm cloud
Duration: Concentration (maximum 10 rounds)

This spell creates an enormous black storm cloud. Lightning and crashing claps of thunder appear within the storm. Each creature beneath the cloud must get more successes on a Stamina + Composure roll than the caster or be deafened for 20 minutes. If you do not maintain concentration on the spell after casting it, the spell ends. If you continue to concentrate, the spell generates additional effects in each following round, as noted below. Each effect occurs during your turn.

2nd Round
Acid rains down in the area, dealing 1 point of lethal acid damage per success.

3rd and 4th Rounds
Hailstones rain down in the area, dealing 2 points of bashing damage per success

5th - 10th Rounds
You call six bolts of lightning down from the cloud. You decide where the bolts strike. No two bolts may be directed at the same target. Each bolt deals 2 points of Aggravated electricity damage per success. A creature struck can roll Dexterity + Athletics to reduce the damage.

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