Character Creation

The following is a step-by-step guide for creating a WoD&D character. Once you decide on your character's background, you can begin creating your character.

Player characters in WoD&D are heroic, and have Soul. It separates them average people. Average npcs in WoD&D are similar to base WoD characters.

Step 1: Morality
Choose your alignment. Your alignment is determined on two axes, Law/Chaos and Good/Evil. You start at one of the extremes or in the middle to represent neutral. Your GM may ban certain alignments for the sake of party cohesion. The alignments that can be created are:

Lawful Good
Neutral Good
Chaotic Good
Lawful Neutral
Neutral (Unaligned)
Chaotic Neutral
Lawful Evil
Neutral Evil
Chaotic Evil

Step 2: Race
Choose from one of the 5 races and apply their bonuses to your sheet. If you get bonus merit dots, make a note of it for later.

Step 3: Group
Choose from one of the 5 class groups. Indicate what type of Soul they have on your sheet. Each group has a technique that each member gets. Record this as well.

Step 4: Class
Choose one of the 3 classes that are in your group. You get three free dots of technique. Two of those dots must be from your core technique. The other may be from your core or the first rank from one of the other two classes in your group, or a secondary group power. You may also get other abilities based on your class. You also get one free dot of an ability from your class group's secondary powers. Your maximum level of a group power is equal to your soul. In addition each group can use certain weapon groups. Record these with your merits.

Step 5: Attributes
Choose what your primary, secondary, and tertiary attribute groups will be, from Physical, Mental, and Social. You can spend 5 dots on the primary, 4 on the secondary, and 3 on the tertiary. If you wish to buy a single attribute to 5, the fifth dot costs 2 dots.

Step 6: Skills
Choose what your primary, secondary, and tertiary skill groups will be, from Physical, Mental, and Social. They do not have to be the same as your attribute groups. You can spend 12 dots on the primary, 8 on the secondary, and 5 on the tertiary. If you wish to buy a single skill to 5, the fifth dot costs 2 dots. This is one more point per group than the basic system.

Step 7: Skill Specialties
Choose three skills with at least two dots in them, and choose a specialty for them. The specialty should be a specific aspect of that skill that your character is especially trained in or skilled at. You can check with your GM for ideas if you are not sure.

Step 8: Merits
You get seven dots to apply to merits.

Step 9: Soul
You start at 1 Soul unless your GM says otherwise. You have a maximum of 8 Mana, a max power rank of 3/1/0, and a max attribute skill of 5. Your Aura is 0.

Step 10: Language
You start with 3 dots in your racial language. You also get one free dot in common.

Step 11: The rest of the math
Your Health is equal to your size + stamina.
Your Willpower is equal to your resolve + composure.
Your Defense is the lowest of your dexterity or wits.
Your Initiative is equal to your dexterity + composure.
Your Speed is equal to your strength + dexterity + size.

A basic WoD&D character starts with 100 gold. It is possible to get more through merits.

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