The calendar of the continent of Starfell is based on the fall of the god Chronocus and the rise of the Shrouded Host. Years before the arrival of the Shrouded Host are known as EOC, and the years after are known as EOD. The Era of Chronocus and the Era of Darkness.

Some notable events:

276 EOC - The final war between the Giants and Dragons kills off many of both of the great races.

1 EOC - The Shrouded Host appears above the city of Kelta, and overcomes and absorbs the city's residents. It is unknown where it came from.

0 EOD - The Shrouded Host attempts to overcome and absorb Chronocus. Chronocus fights it off, but flees the realm. Parts of the continent are sundered in the fight, including the former peninsula of Steamspring. The Shrouded Host is also severely weakened.

44 EOD - The Qu'Laris Empire falls, after the rise to power of Camthalion Oronar as Emperor. Oronar was under the control of the Shrouded Host. The Elves split into three groups that would eventually become the Qu'laris Combine, the Xirilius Sodality, and the forces of Oronar who fled to what would become known as the Underdark, and who would later become the Drow.

67 EOD - The Sharnellian Empire falls, due to massive infighting.

149 EOD - The Dwarves finish constructing Orodos. Orodos does not turn out the way the Dwarves expect, due to the intervention of the Shrouded Host. He is driven from the Kingdom of Khargond, but at great cost. Orodos later creates the Orcs and now sits on the ruins of Machavel, after he flattened the human city.

276 EOD - The Shrouded Host spreads to the Birchwind Valley, driving the Halflings from their homeland. It is unknown how it was able to do so.

291 EOD - The angel Alllustria rises to godhood and assumes the mantle of goddess of light, after confronting the Shrouded Host atop the Peak of Dominus.

366 EOD - Seveal of the small human kingdoms of western Starfall combine under the banner of Allustria becoming the Argentian Empire.

391 EOD - The Argentian Empire finishes conquering the nearby kingdoms that refused to join them, including the Kingdom of Daresford. These will become the Coronal Realms.

412 EOD - The Qu'Laris Combine signs a treaty of neutrality with the Argentian Empire.

418 EOD - The Argentian Empire and the Kingdom of Khargond begin a war which would last 17 years.

435 EOD - The Argentian Empire and the Kingdom of Khargond war ends in stalemate.

476 EOD - The Kingdom of Daresford declares independence of the Argentian Empire.

479 EOD - The Kingdom of Daresford is reconquered by the Argentian Empire, after the city of Daresford is besieged for over a year.

501 EOD - Zuther Stargiver ascends and becomes the god of stars and invention.

512 EOD - The Kingdom of Skögulheim is reformed for the first time since 67 EOD, unified under King Tyr Sigurd I.

527 EOD - The first waves of the Orcish Hordes descend on the Coronal Realms. By 898 EOD they have expanded all the way to the East Twin River.

665 EOD - The Pyrestone Confederation forms along the Pyrestone Coast. This is the first of seven incarnations of the body of government of this region.

691 EOD - The Kingdom of Daresford declares independence again, but falls to another yearlong siege of their capitol within 2 years.

744 EOD - The Kingdom of Khargond and the Argentian Empire sign a treaty of alliance against the Orcish Hordes.

761 EOD - Jokunar is razed by an Elder Red Dragon for encroaching on Dragon's Peak.

801 EOD - Orcish forces bypass Daresford and raze Port Barithem.

852 EOD - The Argent Wardens are formed. They begin a new crusade against the Orcs and drive them back to the East Twin River. This is the general border of the Hordelands henceforth.

901 EOD - Zuther Starbringer moves into the vacant Tower of the Eternal Sun, though only the Gnomes know of this.

932 EOD - The Xerilius Sodality sends a group to the Sharnellian Mage Academy to retrieve an artifact, though it is unknown which one.

955 EOD - Orcish assault groups invade the forest of the Qu'laris Combine, but are not heard from again.

977 EOD - An Argentian expedition travels into the Hordelands, but encounters Orodos and is not heard from again.

982 EOD - The Kingdom of Skögulheim assaults the Kingdom of Khargond. The war lasts for years, and hostility still remains.

989 EOD - Argentian miners attempting to form a mining operation at Mt. Paramus encounter what they claim is a metallic dragon of some sort. Their mining operation is destroyed.

999 EOD - Allustria is enveloped by the Shrouded Host. Forces of the Host destroy the town of Zugby. Daresford declares independence, and is again besieged by Argentian forces.

1000 EOD - Chronocus returns. Allustria is freed by a group of adventurers. Daresford gains full independence due to the intervention of Allustria. Dezodommon kills and takes the powers of Ragneus. The Shrouded Host is pushed back, but absorbes Aes Keld, the primordial of Storms. Cha'rux, the lost primordial of fire was freed from his imprisonment. The Island of Steamspring rejoins civilization and becomes slowly known on the continent.

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