Assassin powers are called Deathstrikes

Deathstrike 1 - Shadowwalk
Cost 1 Mana
Dexterity + Stealth + Deathstrike
This power can be used in place of a stealth check, and each success rolled here adds 1 to Deathstrike rolls.

Deathstrike 2 - Poisoned Blade
Cost: 2 Mana
Dexterity + Alchemy + Deathstrike
Duration: 1 attack per success
This power allows assassins to quickly coat a weapon in poison, which reduces enemy Dexterity by 1 per 2 successes. In addition this poison can mute the target by numbing the larynx if they fail a Stamina + Soul roll, rendering enemy spell casters defenseless.

Deathstrike 3 - Scent of Prey
Cost: 2 Mana + 1 Willpower
Manipulation + Investigation + Deathstrike
Range: Touch, then infinite
Duration: Infinite
This terrifying power creates a mystic link between the Assassin and his contracted victim. By coming into contact with a drop of the target's blood, a strand of hair or a piece of skin the assassin can sense the target's general location, and the distance between them. Once within 50 miles, the assassin can reflexively make another Manipulation + Investigation + Deathstrike roll for 1 Mana each day. The number of successes they get determines how well they can pinpoint their prey for that day.
1 success - Within 10 miles
2 success - within 5 miles
3 successes - within 2 miles
4 successes - within 1 mile
5 successes - the exact location, and the assassin knows for the rest of the day.

Deathstrike 4 - The Cruelest Cut
Cost: 3 Mana
Strength + Weaponry or Dexterity + Archery + Deathstrike
Range: 1 held weapon or ammunition for 10 shots
Duration: 1 Scene
This power uses the assassin's mastery of their dark art to make a weapon deal Aggravated damage.

Deathstrike 5 - Assassinate
Cost 3 Mana + 1 Willpower
Strength or Dexterity + Archery or Weaponry + Deathstrike vs Wits + Composure + Soul
Duration: 1 Attack
This power requires concealment or distraction to work. If the Assassin gets more successes than the target, the target is killed or Incapacitated instantly. Even should the target succeed, they still take a number of points of damage equal to the number of successes the assassin rolled.

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