Argentian Empire

The Argentian Empire is the largest civilization in the world. The capital of the empire is the City of Spires. They primarily worship Allustria, who sits in the Gleaming Tower in the center of the capitol.

The Argentian Empire is a powerful military and economic force in the world and the only kingdom on the continent of Starfell to have a strong and well established government. This is due entirely to the tireless efforts of the Allustrian faithful who make up a sizeable portion of the Empire. Like most of the rest of Starfell, before the arrival of Allustria the land now known as the Argentian Empire was rife with chaos and disorder breeding death and evil alike. Allustria thus sought to bring her silvery light to the land and purge it of evil. With the help of her followers she established a strict theocracy to maintain order and peace in western Starfell. The Argent Goddess then crafted the Gleaming Tower as a place to watch over her kingdom from on high, and the City of Spires was built around it.

Though officially the Lady Allustria rules the Argentian Empire, she graces her faithful but once a year with her presence during the Festival of Lanterns. As such a council of high priests, known as the Mithral Hierarchs, said to be chosen by the goddess herself, rule the land in her stead. The council resides, as much of the Argentian Empire's power does, in the City of Spires. The Argentian Empire is officially a religious state, and as such many important positions within it's government are held by members of the clergy. Even those who aren't clergy but serve the Empire are well indoctrinated in the Allustrian faith.

The single largest reason for the power of the Argentian Empire, however is it's large standing army, known as the Argentian Holy Army. All manner of men serve in it's ranks, including not just warriors and priests, but also scholars and mages, putting their skills to use in the name of Allustria. The Argentian Holy Army has many branches that serve a variety of tasks throughout the realms of Starfell, but the shining exemplars of the Argentian Holy Army are The Argent Wardens, an elite force of paladins who serve in the name of Allustria.

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